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[导读] 2018 年 2 月 14 日,雅马哈在日本静冈市发布了广受欢迎的 MG 系列新品:MG10XUF 和 MG12XUK 调音台。

  2018 年 2 月 14 日,雅马哈在日本静冈市发布了广受欢迎的 MG 系列新品:MG10XUF 和 MG12XUK 调音台。
  February 14th, 2018. Shizuoka, Japan. – Yamaha is pleased to announce the addition of MG10XUF and MG12XUK Mixing Console models to the popular MG Series lineup.
  MG 系列调音台结构紧凑且易于使用,是适用于中小型活动和现场演出的极佳解决方案。自 2003 年推出以来,它们已经成为各地场馆的标准设备,而不断的改进和升级正在继续提升其在各种扩声环境中的实用性。尤其是 2014 年发布的第三代 MG 系列产品,以其音质,设计和可靠性获得了全球的赞誉。
  MG Series mixers are compact, easy-to-use solutions for small to medium scale event and live performance applications. Since their introduction in 2003, they have become standard equipment at venues everywhere while refinements and upgrades continue to expand their usefulness in a wide spectrum of sound reinforcement situations. In particular, the sonic quality, design, and reliability of the third-generation MG series released in 2014 have achieved worldwide acclaim.

  第三代 MG 系列产品中的全新 MG10XUF 和 MG12XUK 型号,为广受欢迎的 10 和 12 通道类别提供了更加广泛的选择。其中,MG10XUF 所采用的线性推子可提供精确的电平控制和直观的视觉反馈,而 MG12XUK 则采用了旋钮,有助于缩小整体尺寸。新型号的诞生让用户可以更加自由地选择最适合其需求的配置。
  The new MG10XUF and MG12XUK models add broader choice to the popular 10 and 12 channel categories within the third-generation MG Series lineup. While the adoption of linear faders in the MG10XUF offers fine level control and direct visual feedback, the MG12XUK employs rotary knobs that contribute to more compact overall dimensions. With the release of these new models users gain greater freedom to choose configurations that best suit their individual needs.
  新产品的所有其他功能与当前第三代 MG 系列的 XU 型号相同,总结如下。
  All other features are the same as current third-generation MG Series XU models, summarized below.

  所有型号均配备雅马哈先进的 A 类离散式“D-PRE”话放。这些演播室级的前置放大器,利用晶体管倒向电路在低阻抗下提供了卓越的音质和充足的功率。D-PRE 前置放大器的高解析度声音可满足要求最苛刻的音响工程师的要求,是雅马哈专业调音台非常重要的特性。凭借饱满而自然的低音,丰富的中音以及平滑的高音,以及极低的失真度,D-PRE 前置放大器能够提供非常宽广的频率范围,可无音染地处理来自任何音源的信号,忠实地保留原音中最细致的声音。
  All models feature Yamaha's state-of-the-art discrete Class-A “D-PRE” microphone preamplifiers. These studio-grade preamps utilize inverted Darlington circuitry to deliver outstanding sonic quality with ample power at low impedance. The high-resolution sound of D-PRE preamps is a highly regarded feature of Yamaha's professional mixers, satisfying the requirements of the most demanding sound engineers. With big, natural sounding bass, a rich midrange, and smooth highs, all with very low distortion, D-PRE preamps offer an impressively wide frequency range that handles signals from any audio source without coloration, faithfully retaining the most detailed nuances of the original sound.
  升级的单旋钮压缩器可以通过一个控制器为各种输入源添加优化压缩。雅马哈广受赞誉的 SPX 效果器是无可争议的行业标准,在扩声和录音应用中无处不在。最新的 MG 系列产品升级包含 24 个 SPX 效果,可用于多种创意处理。
  An upgraded 1-knob compressor makes it possible to add optimized compression to a wide variety of input sources via a single control. Yamaha’s acclaimed SPX effects are an unchallenged industry standard that are ubiquitous in sound reinforcement and recording applications. 24 updated SPX effects are included in the latest MG models for versatile creative processing.

  新型号还具有 USB 2.0 音频接口,能够以 24 位/ 192kHz 的质量播放电脑中的数字内容,和 / 或将调音台的输出录制到 DAW 软件中,例如随产品附赠的 Steinberg Cubase AI。同时还支持 USB 2.0 音频,无需安装驱动程序软件即可与兼容 USB 2.0 音频的平板电脑和其他设备连接操作。这两种型号都与 Apple Camera Connection Kit 或 USB 照相机适配器兼容,可无缝录制和播放来自 iPad 或 iPhone 的数字音频。
  The new models also feature a USB 2.0 audio interface capable of 24-bit/192kHz quality for playback of digital content from a PC, and/or recording of the mixer’s output to DAW software such as the included Steinberg Cubase AI. USB Audio Class 2.0 is also supported, allowing operation with USB Audio Class 2.0 compliant tablets and other devices without the need to install driver software. Both models are compatible with the Apple Camera Connection Kit or Lighting to USB Camera Adapter for seamless recording and playback of digital audio to and from an iPad or iPhone.

  All models are designed with emphasis on durability, incorporating practical features that ensure reliable operation in a wide range of challenging conditions. A powder-coated steel chassis provides improved structural strength, while the placement of the knobs above the surface of the chassis protects internal components by absorbing impact or pressure applied to the knobs themselves.
  雅马哈专业音响部门总经理 Yoshi Tsugawa 表示:“雅马哈在 2014 年发布的第三代 MG 调音台系有多种型号可供选择,并且在世界各地被广泛应用,迅速赢得了广泛的赞誉。此次发布的新产品进一步扩大了 MG 系列的阵容,提供了更多的选择来更好地满足用户个性化需求。”
  Yoshi Tsugawa, general manager of Yamaha’s Pro Audio Division, comments: “The third generation of our MG mixer lineup was released in 2014 with an extensive choice of models. The MG lineup rapidly earned an enviable reputation with users in a wide range of applications all around the world. The new models announced here expand the lineup even further, providing additional choices that will ideally match the individual needs of more users.”

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